Why Not?

No really. Why the new name? Well I thought I would give this blog a slightly new focus for the new year and the new title hopefully encompasses what I want to acheive. I want to tap into the true spirit of NLP, to explore wide and deep.

There are countless sites out there regurgitating the same tired NLP tips. I wanted to do something new. Something me unique to me.

As Richard Bandler said, we need to get more Discordian about NLP, us NLPer’s must stick apart! We must take the attitude, methodology and techniques and explore brave new worlds with them.

After all NLP is an ‘art’ and ‘science’. A ‘science’ because we follow a prescribed methodology to achieve specific and measurable results. And an ‘art’, because everyone that does NLP brings a little bit of themselves too it. Hence the vast number of applications ranging from Personal Development to Corporate sales and marketing…