A few posts ago I was talking about the NLP entry on Wikipedia and how I felt it was a bit of a biased description.

And someone left a comment! Many thanks Rob from Birmingham. It is nice to know someone is reading my blog and taking the time to think about the posts and make a comment.

Just to pick up on a point Rob made:

I was not attempting to offer a robust defence of NLP in that entry (and was actually intending to address some of the points Rob raised in later posts, even before he posted his comments!) I was merely giving my views on the article, I considered offering my point of view to Wikipedia, but noticed that there seems to be a raging debate on there already about that article and me adding my views probably wouldn’t help that much!

I don’t intend to get into a debate about it here, if you want to do that please go to the Wikipedia page, but feel free to read Robs comments, which are fair, and offer some very good points about the current state of the perception of NLP. And if you have something to add please do…