Apparently, according to Cardiff University tutor Cliff Arnalls who says his formula proves 23 January is the grimmest day of the year.

Something to do with bad weather, debt, seasonal blues and failed resolutions mean today is miserable Monday.

Nothing like a nice positive suggestion is there? (Notice how no one ever tells us when the most contented day of the year is?)

So, in order to combat this supposed malady I propose a very simple and easy exercise. Do this: Get a sheet of paper and start making a list of all the things that you love about life, it can be as big as your job or your family, or all the way down to something small like a tuna fish sandwich, favourite film or TV show. All the pleasures and good memories you have of life (no matter how big or small…).

Now, as you make this list…keep going, I am sure, when you think about it, there is plenty of good memories in there…start to concentrate on the feeling you get when you think about these memories. Where does it start? Where does it go? What does it feel like? Is it warm? Cool? Tingly? Heavy? Light? Really concentrate on it. Now double that feeling, And DOUBLE it again.

That’s right.

OK, focus on the feeling. If it goes somewhere, like out the top your head, or down your arms and out of your fingers, or feet. Then loop it back to where the feeling begins and start spinning it, faster and faster, so the feeling become more and MORE INTENSE. Give it a colour, see if that makes it more intense. Make the colour BRIGHTER and BOLDER.

Now, as you concentrate on these positive thoughts and memories, and the feeling, press your thump and forefinger together. Hold it for 30 seconds. And then release.

OK, stop for a seconding, get your breath. Now press your thumb and forefinger together again. That positive feeling comes back doesn’t it? So, whenever those alleged winter blues come calling, you can just press your fingers together to trigger positive feelings. Which is much better than feeling bad.

So, feel depressed? Or feel good?!!