Phew! Time flies doesn’t it? I can’t believe it has been so long since I have last written, and there is me saying this a daily tip. Lucky if it is a monthly tip at the moment!

So, on the theme of time I thought I would share with you the process of how to slllloooooooowwwwww tiiiiiiimmmmmmeeee dooooooowwwwwwwnnnnn….

It is pretty easy really, the key id your peripheral vision. We are used to only using about 100 degrees of our vision where can see almost 210 degrees round, Now if you widen your focus to encompass more of your peripheral vision you will naturally start to speed up your reflexes or to slow time down so you can act faster. This is great if you just need that extra few minutes in the day, need to speed your reflexes up (say, you do a sport like squash or martial arts).

To widen your focus do 2 things:

1. Imagine there is an orange on the crown of your head and you can see it even though it is directly behind you.

2. Get your hands and put them up by your ears about a foot away on each side and wiggle your fingers. You should be able to see them wiggling, now slowly move your hands backwards until you can just see the tips of your fingers wiggling. Notice how far back you can see.

When you want to speed time up just go through these 2 steps.

Until tomorrow (hopefully!)