I have been away for the weekend with my Co-trainer Bob Spour doing “survival training”, Bob was in the SAS and runs SAS Survival trainings (go to www.sassurvival.co.uk for more info). Whilst “surviving” or doing “bush craft” or whatever you want to call it, you notice very soon that it is your psychological processes that dictate how well you will do, whether you will survive or not, much more than your physical capability. It is surprising how little sleep and food you can survive on and still function at 100%, IF you have the right mental attitude.

The secret is to get organised and stay positive, organisation is essential, but so is stopping those negative thoughts sneaking in. One way to do this to do a “Negative Thought Fast”, this works like this: Every time you find yourself in a negative thought cycle, whether that be shouting at another driver or just generally being down in the dumps, turn the negative thought round to something positive; think what you can do about it NOW and if there is nothing to you can do right now, put it to one side (actually move it to one side in your head) and leave it there until here is something you CAN do about it. Practice it for a few days and you will find a massive change in your mood!

Until tomorrow